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Today's DVD Releases

Here is your weekly update of DVD releases hitting the B-Buster or Netflix warehouse near you...

Your best bet this week really depends on how you plan on spending your Valentine's Day. If you plan on spending a romantic evening with your sweetie, "Proof" is destined to inspire a love connection. If you are alone and thinking about how much you hate that special someone who dumped you last week, view your own Valentine's Day massacre with "Saw II." If you are stuck watching the kids or if you are a kid, nothing says "be my valentine" quite like the b-movie "Jumanji" rip-off, "Zathura."

Saw II (R)
Psychopath plays horrific games with eight strangers. (Donnie Wahlberg, Tobin Bell, Emmanuelle Vaugier)

Zathura (PG)
Two brothers play a game that turns out to be real. (Josh Hutcherson [Walter Budwing], Tim Robbins [Dad], Dax Shepard [Astronaut])

Proof (PG-13) BEST BET
Daughter of a brilliant man puts his affairs in order. (Gwyneth Paltrow [Catherine], Jake Gyllenhaal [Hal], Anthony Hopkins [Robert])


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