Taking aim at pop culture.



Welcome to Remote Control - the paramount blog destination for people who love to consume the world around us. Before we begin disecting the decadence of tinsel town, there are a few things I know for certain, which will help you gauge whether or not my blog posts will inspire you or rather induce you to spew red, white and blue.
  • Top 40 hits are the best, and stop pretending they're not.

  • Political speeches have no place at the Academy Awards.

  • P Diddy uses Proactiv because he has backne, not because it preserves his sexy.

My only disclaimer is that I won't always discuss the latest and greatest. I am just like you. I don't always watch new releases and I don't always listen to new music. At the same time, I guarantee that if there is an important, late breaking issue, I will discuss it.

Witty banter is always welcomed. Please comment if you feel inclined, and I will try to respond to as many as possible.



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