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Cinemaniac: "Match Point" scores big

Woody Allen: Please accept my sincere appreciation for finally redeeming yourself after creating movies for years that only your daughter/exchange student/lover/wife Soon Yi could appreciate. Your masterpiece “Match Point” (2005) couldn’t be more enjoyable, and you even crafted the first movie set in London in ages that hasn’t left its viewer feeling like someone jammed tea and crumpets up its ass.

“Match Point,” following in the footsteps of “Unfaithful” (2002) but delivering a more powerful punch, takes us deep into the lives of two struggling 20-somethings set on a crash course for each other. Scarlett Johannson delivers an amazing performance, and finally comes out of her shell as a mature, sexy actress. Although she acts a little more Anne Heche than Anne Hathaway at times, we still appreciate that she captivates us from start to finish as the displaced American actress struggling to make a name for herself in London. Jonathan Rhys-Myers, although a cheap Joaquin Phoenix rip-off and a little gay, shines as well as a has-been tennis star searching for his place in the world as well. Are we surprised that they were drawn together? Um…no. But as calculated as it sounds, it is definitely worth the trip.


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