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Boob Tube: "The Bachelor" Retrospective

It's 9:00 on a Monday night. You think you still have an hour of happiness until your girlfriend bogarts the remote and makes you cuddle while watching "The Bachelor." Suddenly, while channel surfing, you stumble upon ABC, and there is a retrospective episode of "The Bachelor" (as if one episode a week wasn't enough to make you want to do serious damage to a stuffed animal). All hope is suddenly lost. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

Charlie O'Connell, Jerry O'Connell's brother who was the bachelor on Season 7, has an opportunity for 15 more minutes of fame...and you have to experience this dumbass one more time. Seriously folks...if anyone wonders why the show has been reduced to a six episode run per season, they can blame it on this dufus. Lucky for the ladies in the current season, bachelor Travis Stork actually has a brain larger than Tonya Harding's big toe. And why did the creators choose some serious oafs for this show for so long? The world may never know.


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